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Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm ● Sunday 11am-3pm ● Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

The Bureau of Historical Investigation a gift and souvenir shop in the heart of downtown Bellingham. We are the proud home Good Time Girls guided historical walking tours, providing private and public tours uncovering Bellingham's rich history. 

Read what one customer had to say about The Bureau:

"Walking into the Bureau is like stepping into a Bellingham Wunderkammer, a Living Cabinet of Historical Curiosities, filled with an elegant selection of art, jewelry, soaps, fragrances, books, prints, furniture, objects d'art and local curiosa.

There is a lovely curated quality to everything - you sense each and every item was chosen with care and consideration to showcase only the most fascinating and interesting aspects of Bellingham. And everything is reasonably priced.

...If the city of Bellingham is seen as the living museum through which The Good Time Girls guide us, The Bureau of Historical Investigation is the gift shop for the city."

-Scot Casey, Bellingham Reviews & Ruminations